Youtube no ads (Youtube vanced) is the ads free version of youtube which even supports background play and it comes with all premium features, no root required so you do not need to spend extra bucks to get ads free version of Youtube. I found this in XDA forum few years back. Here is the link to full XDA article.

Some key features of Youtube Vanced:
  • No in-video ads and banners
  • Supports Background play
  • Supports Youtube Download
  • Different themes like Dark mode, Bright mode etc.
  • Swipe to forward or backward the video
  • Regular updates

Installation Process:

You will need to download two separate applications in your phone for Youtube No Ads version installation. First MicroG and later Youtube Vanced. Here are some installation instructions, so follow the steps to complete the installation.

MicroG installation:

In order to login to your own google/youtube account, you will first need to install MigroG. It is a framework that works as an alternative to Google Play Service. MicroG will help you to login to your youtube account.
Click below to download MicroG in your phone

Youtube Vanced Installation:

Here are some No Ads Free Versions of Youtube currently available. Select any of your choice and install it to your phone. Make sure you have installed ads MicroG earlier. It will help you to login to your own account. Click on the download button.

Youtube Vanced 14.21.54 Black Version

Youtube Vanced 14.21.54 Dark Version

Once download is complete, make sure to install the apk to your phone. Now you can search for Youtube Vanced in your app drawer and run it. Enjoy the ads free version of Youtube Vanced. This tutorial is only for the If you liked the tutorial, make sure to share this article to your friends. Visit our website for more tips and tricks. Thank you!
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